So it continues.

Today, my company Incredible Labs announced that it is being acquired – a successful end to an incredible journey.

It was early 2010 when I first conceived of Donna, the personal assistant for iPhone, which we would start building in December 2011 when my three co-founders and I started Incredible Labs, the birthplace of Donna.

I have no idea why it took so long for me to start my own company, because it’s the best job I ever had. With the three co-founders I recruited, we raised a seed round from a fantastic group of investors and built an incredible team who launched an amazing, well-loved product. Incredible Labs and Donna had far more ups than downs in its short history. And I learned more in the those two long years than in the previous ten.

I am proud of what we accomplished with Donna – She was a featured app in the Apple App Store and voted the 2013 Productivity App of the Year by iDownloadBlog. The tech press loved her. Bloggers loved her. People Magazine loved her. Customers loved her. Even Donna Moss, the inspiration for her name, loved her.

I am also proud of the company that my founders and I built. Incredible Labs, like Donna, was built on a foundation of the values of its founders. We carefully crafted the company culture – it was as important as the product we built. Everything we did at Incredible Labs – employee compensation, employee benefits, recruiting, offer letters, customer service, branding, privacy policy, office space – reflected the core values of respect, care, and family that the founders infused into the company from day one.

What I am most proud of though, is the connection that Donna made with her customers. We heard many great things from them – even when they were writing to us to request  a missing feature or tell us about a bug, Donna’s customers would sing her praises as well. Many wrote us just to tell us how much they loved her.

I’m sorry that our customers will lose someone they had come to rely on – but keep your eye on the Donna team as they create incredible new products inside their new company, and bring the best of what Donna encompassed to that company’s existing products.

As for me, I still want to create things from the ground up. So, after helping with the transition, I’m going to make up for lost time with my family (we are thinking of checking out this Disneyland thing), and then prepare to make an even bigger impact with what is Next. I’m looking for co-founders, designers, inventors, dreamers, and engineers who share my passion for building great companies and great products. Say hello:

Thank you to the investors, advisors, supporters, and most of all, the valued clients of Donna… You have no meetings tomorrow! Enjoy the day.

Donna: Enjoy the day.

So it begins.



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